Data sheets

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Data tabs are used to define data variables and associated replacement values.

Note: The words row and column are used interchangeably below as the exact use depends on the where ID per row or ID per column is used.

The first row/column in each data sheet must be used as a heading row/column for all rows/columns. Variable names must be prefixed by 'DD:'.

All other rows/columns are ignored by Gen.IT. Other non ‘DD:’ and ‘ID’ rows /columns may contain any data/text/formulas.

The first row/column in each of the data sheets must be labeled as 'ID' and contain numerically unique values for each row/column. This ID column is used to link the various rows /columns spread across multiple sheets, and must be identical across all Data and Device sheets.

Multiple sheets may contain the same columns/data/headings, but when doing this, the data should be identical between sheets.

Some columns are required as defined in the spreadsheet specific settings file. These are:

Note: DD:<VariableName> – Can also be written as Variable:<VariableName>

The actual values may be populated using any standard Excel method. i.e. text, functions, lookup tables, formulas, macro's etc.