Device definitions

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Devices are defined within the ‘Device-‘ data sheets. Device Definitions serve two purposes:

The following data fields are required to define the devices and categories:

e.g. DN:A:Primary Router

e.g. DT:A:SecurityTemplates

e.g. DF:A:Primary Router Filename

e.g. DA:A:Append

e.g. DR:A:

The 'x', typically a number or letter, is used to link the various parts of the device definitions together. In the example below, the 'A' links the files together.

Devices must be added to spreadsheets named ‘Device-‘. Data added to spreadsheets named otherwise will be ignored by Gen IT.

Important – All ‘Data-‘ sheets and ‘Device-‘ sheets must contain the same amount of data rows, and must include identical ‘ID‘ columns/rows in order to join the data from all sheets into a single dataset.