Include statements

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Gen IT supports the use of ‘Include Statements’. Include Statements allow for the inclusion of a single line, or a separate template within another  template. The decision on whether to include the Include Statement is based on a variable lookup at run-time.

Compound and Include statement processing must be enabled with the spreadsheet preference settings.

Include Statements are added to the templates in the format <%AAA,BBB%>. The Include Statement must be an exclusive entry within a template cell.

The include statement definition is prefixed and suffixed by predefined characters. The Compound Template Variable Delimiter entries in the spreadsheet settings file indicate what characters to use as the include statement prefix & suffix.

The general format of the include statement statement is as below:



The name of the template to be included, formatted as ‘T:<Template_name>‘

The text to be included, formatted as ‘“Text to Include”‘

‘IncludeLines:2′ or ‘IncludeLines:End’

BBB – The variable used to determine the include status, formatted as a variable <<Variable>>. A variable look-up is done to determine this value, which can be either 0 or 1+, or ‘DN<=>XXX‘ where XXX matches all or part of the selected Device Name. This allows for text to be included based on the device name.

Example 1:


Example 2 :


Example 3 :


Example 4:

<%”Text to include….<<Variable>>”,<<VariabletoCheck>>%>

Example 5 :

<%”Text to include….<<Variable>>”,DN!=”Text”%>

Example 6 :

<%”Text to include….<<Variable>>”,<<VariableToCheck>>==”Text”%>

Example 7 :


<%IncludeLines:END%> will end IncludeLines before linecount is reached.

Please have a look at the example files provided as part of the installation as these show practical use of the available features.