Launching Gen.IT

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Gen.IT can be started directly, from cli or by using a shortcut. The following startup parameters are supported:

/ctlog=<0 to 1> - Start with extended compound template logging enabled

/shcit=<0 to 1> - Start with show compound templates found enabled

/DataFolderHere - Sets the default data folder to be in the application folder. Overrides GUI setting.

/LogFolderHere - Sets the default log folder to be in the application folder instead of the folder C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Gen.IT\logs.

/debug=<0 to xx>

0  - Debug Disabled

1  - Debug All

4  - Debug Scanning for Unused Data

5  - Debug Read/Load XLS Files

6  - Debug Compound Templates & S&R

7  - Debug Edit XLS Ini Files

9  - Debug Licensing

8  - Debug New Project

10 - Debug Updates

11 - Debug Registry

12 - Debug Preferences

13 - Debug Select XLS File

/TIMER - Debugging option. Logs timer events.


For backward compatibility reasons (Pre Gen.IT 2.7), or possibly when running Gen.IT from a network drive, place a file called 'DataFolderHere.ini' in the same folder as the .exe file. This will ensure Gen.IT primarily looks in the folder where the .exe is located for data files. This will cause the user selected default path setting to be ignored and disabled.