Save options

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The section defines how and where data is saved.

Save options:

Append to existing file – Append data to existing file upon saving.

Folder Template – Folder tree format to use when saving files.

Default is : %X\%C\%L\

Allowed : %X, %C, %I, %L, %D

Filename Template :

Default is : %i-%N-%D.txt

Allowed : %X-XLS Filename, %C-Category, %I-ID, %L-List Selection, %i-Device ID, %N-Name, %D-Date, %T-Time

File Path/Name Options : %X, %C, %S, %I, %L, %i, %N, %D, %T

X-XLS Filename, C-Category, S-Selected Category, I-ID, L-List Selection, i-Device ID, N-Name, D-Date, T-Time

NB! - The folder and filename format will determine how excel files are created and their content.