What's new in Gen.IT 2.8

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Release 2.8.1165


New Features

Include statement can now be ‘<%T:<Template>%>’. This will include a template in the output without any variable checking taking place.


The Gen.IT help is now displayed on first run.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a network drive licensing issue.

Fixed load error when a ‘DD:xxx’ entry is blank. Also improved error debugging for this error.

Device specific variables were not working.

Fixed the issue where the Excel file could not be selected if it was open in Excel.

Fixed the issue in the Create Project Wizard where only limited length templates could be added.

Fixed the issue in the Create Project Wizard where extra new-line characters were added to the templates in the generated Excel files.

Fixed some issues when using highlight templates.

Fixed some incorrect logging when using Extended Variable Logging.

Fixed some font scaling issues.