Compound templates

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Gen IT supports the use of Compound Templates. Compound Templates allows a template to be recursively included within another templates The compound template definition includes details regarding repeat count, and the incrementing variables within the compound template.

Compound and Include statement processing must be enabled with the project preference settings

Compound Templates are added to the templates in the format as show below. The Compound Template must be an exclusive entry within a template cell.

The compound template definition is prefixed and suffixed by predefined characters. The ‘Compound Template Variable Delimiter’ entries in the spreadsheet .ini file indicate what characters to use as the compound template prefix & suffix.

The basic format of the compound template statement is as below:


AAA – The name of the template to be repeated, formatted as ‘T:TemplateName’

BBB – The number of times to repeat the template, formatted as a integer from 0 to 1000. If BBB is defined as a data variable, a variable look-up is done to determine this value.

CCC – The number of variables to iterate within the template, formatted as a integer from 0 to 20.

Variables – One or more variable definitions, formatted as a ‘VVV,WWW,XXX,YYY,ZZZ’, defined as below.

The variable value to be incremented may contain an integer or an IP address definition:


IP Addresses

The general format of compound template commands is show below: