Device sheets

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The following data fields are required to define devices and categories:

DN:<DeviceID>:<Description> – Defines a device name. Only 1 DN per device is allowed, e.g. DN:A:Primary Router.

DR:<DeviceID>:<Description> – Specifies the produced output, does not include any additional Gen IT information (Templates names, start/stop info), e.g. DR:A:

DT:<DeviceID>:<Description> – Defines the template associated with DN:<x> . Multiple DT’s per device are allowed, e.g. DT:A:SecurityTemplates.

DF:<DeviceID>:<Description> – Defines a device filename when saving. Only 1 DF per device is allowed, e.g. DF:A:Primary outer Filename.

DA:<DeviceID>:<Description> – Specifies the produced output may be appended to any existing found file when saving. e.g. DA:A:Append

DL:<DeviceID>:<Description> – Specifies the produced output may be saved using LFs instead of CRLFs. e.g. DL:A:LineFeed

DE:<DeviceID>:<Description> – Specifies the encoding scheme to be used when saving in text format. e.g. DE:A:Encoding

Multiple DT’s (templates) may be defined for each DN.

A single DA, DF, DR, DL and DE may optionally be defined for each DN.

The image at the top of this page shows the following:

5 individual sites with ID's 4 to 8

Each site has 2 devices defined - DN ID's 1 and 2

Device ID 1 has 2 templates associated - HubBase and HubVPN

Device ID 2 has 2 templates associated - RemoteSiteBase and RemoteSiteVPN

Valid options:

DA: 0 (Default) or 1

DL: 0 (Default) or 1

DE: ASCII (Default), UTF7, UTF8, UTF8BoM, UTF16, UTF32