Overview of the user interface

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The main window has the following key components.

1. Project selector

2. Excel file selector

3. Button Bar

4. Category data field selector

5. Category selector

6. Primary list selector

7. Device selector

8. Configuration output window/s

9. Variable Replacement and template statistics

10. Status Bar

1 Project selector

Use this dropdown box to select a project to use.

The last option on the list will allow you to select your project files.

2 Edit a XLS file selector

Use this dropdown box to select an Excel file to edit.

The Excel files will be prefixed with one or more of the following letters. These letters show the type of data loaded from the spreadsheet:

1. D - Device Data

2. V - Variable Data

3. G - Global Data

4. T - Templates

3 Button bar

The button bar allows quick access to the frequently used functions within Gen.IT.

The spreadsheet dropdown box allows the selection of a spreadsheet to work with. Clicking on the word 'Spreadsheet' allows the selection of spreadsheets which will appear in this list.

The button bar, in order:

Reload selected spreadsheet

Print (Functionality is currently limited)

Start the new project wizard

Open the selected spreadsheet in Excel

Reload the selected primary list entry without doing variable replacement

Compare the active output windows (Only when 2 windows shown)

Save templates

Open templates folder

Show variable usage table

Show variable data table

Show data tables, including template data table, templates and device/template data table

Add or remove output windows

Edit a project settings

Select a project

Open SSH/Telnet application

Open comparison application

Exit Gen.IT

Open help

4 Category data field selector

One of the variables defined within a spreadsheet 'Data-' tab is used as the default category field. This is the primary field used to group the data loaded from the spreadsheet. Double-clicking on this field allows you to change the selected filed on a temporary basis.

The variable used is defined in the spreadsheet specific settings (Settings Menu -> Edit XLS File Settings).

5 Category selector

This drop down box/filter will list the categories found based on the 'Category data field selector'

6 Primary list selector

This area shows all the sites found that match the 'Category selector' selection.

Up to three description columns will be shown if there are description data variables defines within the spreadsheet settings  (Settings Menu -> Edit XLS File Settings).

The ID column may also be displayed if required (Settings Menu -> User Preferences).

7 Device selector

Use this dropdown box to select a device and view the configuration for the device. The devices in this list will match the devices defined by the 'DN' fields within the spreadsheet.

8 Configuration window

The configuration windows show the generated configurations for the selected device.

Depending on status of the 'Double Click Selects All' field with Settings Menu -> User Preferences, double clicking on text within this window will either

Select all the text and copy it to the clipboard, or

Highlight all occurrences of the clicked word in color

Selecting text at any time will highlight all occurrences of the text in color.

Assuming the RAW output option has not been enabled for the device, the list of templates included within the devices will shown at the top of the window. Clicking on the template hyperlink will cause the window to jump to the template text.

9 Variable replacement statistics

This shows the variable statistics counters for the selected device and the totals for all devices.

Fields Replaced – The number of variable replacements

Missing Data – The number of variables with missing spreadsheet data

Possible – Gen IT has identified possible variable where no data column is defined within the spreadsheet.

Missing Templates – The number of missing templates in all devices.

Compound Templates – The number of compound templates found

CT Variables Replaced – The number of variables replaced while expanding the compound templates.

10 Status Bar

The status bar has the following fields:

Status Field – General activity updates and status.

Device Usage – Status of backup folder. Click here to open the backup folder.

License Usage – Template and Device usage count.

License Type – Displays the license type.

If the 'Check for Changes' option is enabled  (Settings Menu -> Edit Project Settings), then Gen.IT will monitor the selected project Excel files for changes. If a user makes a change and saves a excel file, Gen.IT will show a message in the status bar indicating the change. This is exceptionally useful when multiple users are editing the the same spreadsheet.

Clicking on the status message will reload the Excel data file.