What's new in Gen.IT 2.9

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Release 2.9.944


New Features

Each project can now load data from up to 10 Excel files (Enterprise feature only).

A new extended load log will show error found while loading a project.

A variable/template usage summary can be added to the end of the generated device output (enabled by default).

A summary ‘device’ can be added for each ‘site’ (enabled by default).

An output path may be specified which overrides the set project paths.

Environment variables are supported in project output paths and filenames.

A device specific variable may now be used on multiple devices as required.

A new ‘Load Tables’ tab has been added to the ‘Data Tables’ window which shows data where data is loaded from.

Added context menu's to the output windows


Some menus have been updated to support new features.

License filename should be ‘Gen.ITv2x.license’. The license file for version 2.7 will work, but needs to be renamed.

Some licensing tweaks to allow more flexible licensing options.

Numerous error message and debugging message updates and improvements.

Increased the number of lines that can be included by Include Statements to 1000.

Numerous GUI and dialog changes.

The local help file is now automatically displayed on startup after performing an update or new installation. This can be disabled in the Help menu

Improved handling of spreadsheet errors when loading a project.

When using Include Statements, Variables may be compared to blank values.

Bug Fixes

Fixed some issues found when checking for updates.

Fixed some incorrect variable usage reporting errors.

Fixed some errors in Include Statement processing.

Numerous minor bugs fixes.

Known Issues

Some template and variable usage/error counters may be incorrect.