Any variables that apply globally, to all ID's may be defined here. If a device data (DD) variable is also defined, then the DD variable takes preference of the global variables

Multiple 'Globals-' sheet may be defined. Enterprise users may define a 'Globals-' sheet within multiple spreadsheets. The sheets will be aggregated into a single data table within Gen.IT (v2.9+).

The first row of the sheet must be used as a heading row. Cell A1 names must be have a value of 'Variable'. Cell B1 names must be have a value of 'Value'.

The variables and their corresponding values may be defined below the heading row.

Duplicate variables on the Globals- sheet will be ignored.

If a duplicate variable is defined within a Data- sheet, then that variable will take preference over the globals variable.

Multiple columns may be used to define global variables, as long as the 'Variable' and 'Value' columns are adjacent to each other.