Spreadsheet tabs

Template formatting

Excel macros

A number of example project files are added to the users 'My Documents\Gen.IT' folder during installation. The spreadsheets are provided in both vertical and horizontal formats – The vertical format will be used for the example below.

A Gen.IT project consists of one .ini file and one or more Excel files. By default these files have matching names, but this may be changed when editing a project from within Gen.IT. The enterprise license allows the use of more then one Excel file within a project.

Gen.IT reads all data from Excel spreadsheets. Spreadsheet tabs are specifically named to indicate the data type held within the tab.

Excel is used as it's generally very well understood and extremely flexible. Users are easily able to manipulate data using custom or built in functions and/or macros.

The spreadsheets included within Gen.It include a number of custom functions and macro's which allow easier maniuplation of user data.