Release 3.0.631


Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue with IncludeLines statements

Known Issues

Memory leak when running multi-threading

Release 3.0.626


Bug Fixes

Fixed exception error shown when project had invalid category specified.

Fixed Include/Compound statement order processing error.

Known Issues

Memory leak when running multi-threading

Release 3.0.621


New Features

Licensing files may now specify two domains.


Fixed exception error shown when filtering on the list box.

Known Issues

Memory leak when running multi-threading

Release 3.0.617


New Features

Changed menu options to allow either included or excluded Include statements to be shown

Changed output text to show actual text excluded if option is enabled.

Release 3.0.552


New Features

IncludeLines statements now support an ELSE option.

Release 3.0.534



Includelines delimiters can now be up to 50 characters long. They must start with a alpha character and can include A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and _-()+

IncludeLines END delimiters format has changed to <%IncludeLines:XXX:END%>

Release 3.0.500


New Features

Added memory cleanup functions

Release 3.0.385


New Features

Added project configuration option to sort device names.

Added project configuration option to set the summary device ID.

Added ability to reload template files only.

Added ability to do double increment on IP variable.

Template lines starting with the 'ignore' character (Default is ';') are not loaded.

New template variable feature prepends the specified text to all variables of a template on a per template use basis.

Numeric variables can now be incremented, similar to incrementing an IP variable.

New optional IncludeLines identifier.

Global variables may be placed in multiple columns of a single worksheet.


Updated GemBox.Spreadsheet.dll version is required.

Release 3.0.11


New Features

Major change to Variable, Include Statement and Compound Template logging.

Multithreading support while processing devices and templates.

New project load logging to show error details from loading a project.

Clicking on the 'Request License' button now passes the ComputerID and Domain info into a pre-populated web form.

Added 'ID' consistency check when loading each worksheet.

Font sizing can now be set per template line.

Project settings:

oMultithreading support can be enabled or disabled.

oAdded Include Statement variables options to ProjectIniFiles, previously IS's/CT's used same delimiters.

oAdded option in project settings to set MaxIncludeLines.

oAbility to select the information added to the project summary

oMore than 5 levels supported for processing Compound Templates and Include Statements.

Application Settings:

oMultithreading support can be enabled or disabled, up to 8 threads supported.

Device/Template settings:

oPer device save format (xlsx, text or rich text format).

oNew processing counters added.

oPer device summary now displays more information.

oNew Red/Green error indicator in the device selector drop down box.

oPer device save format can be set via the XLS file


Major internal changes to allow for future planned functionality.

Debugging can now be enabled via a simple dropdown box in Preferences.

Timer logging can be enabled via a check box in Preferences.

Minor GUI changes to a number of dialog boxes.

Modified a number of error massages for consistency.

Complete rewrite of the IP Variable functionality, improved performance and consistency of results - details tbc.

Include Statement now treat missing variables differently to variables with no data – details tbc.

IP Variables no longer support the Ipv6 or Ipv4 options. They are no longer required as the IP version is auto detected.

Minor changes to variable lookups and matching.

Fixed some variable/template usage count inconsistencies.

Updated text highlight text functionality to use threads.

A number of other under the hood changes and checks.